Aimee Herman is a Brooklyn-based poet and performance artist looking to disembowel the architecture of gender and what it means to queer the body. Find Aimee’s poems in Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics (Nightboat Books), in the full-length collection, to go without blinking (BlazeVOX books), the recent chapbook, rooted, (Dancing Girl Press), and in the full-length book of poems, meant to wake up feeling (great weather for MEDIA). Read more at:


jacklyn janeksela spends most of her time with her cat named conejita (little rabbit) and her Colombian husband.  jacklyn was living in Colombia and Argentina, but has recently moved to Prague, Czech Republic.  To supplement her artistic lifestyle she teaches English.  Her muses include the ghosts of Baldwin, Kundera, and Plath; she considers Kundera dead to her as they had an altercation a few years ago. jacklyn has been involved in theatre since her New York City days; she was active in theatre in Bogotá and will be attending some theatre workshops in Prague.  She hopes to use her knowledge to expand herself in Berlin next year.  jacklyn wishes to transform poems about her paternal grandmother into an art installation or theatre piece in Finland.  


Matthew O’Leary has had work published in Birds Piled Loosely, out of Syracuse. He quit his hospital job to find himself, which seems to involve a lot of video games. He lives in Columbia, South Carolina.


Amber Peckham lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she works as a freelance reporter, writing coach, and adjunct professor. She is also the Writing Director for Double Cluepon Game Studios. Amber loves caffeine, totems, and her recurring dreams of the zombie apocalypse.


Emily Strauss has an M.A. in English, but is self-taught in poetry, which she has written since college. Over 200 of her poems appear in hundreds of online venues and in anthologies. The natural world is generally her framework; she also considers the stories of people and places around her and personal histories. She is a semi-retired teacher living in California.


Maggie Sullivan is an Ohio native who moved to the exotic bowels of Hong Kong at the age of ten. She is currently a Nonfiction MFA Candidate at Columbia College Chicago where she also works as a Graduate Student Instructor and the Creative Writing Department’s Graduate Events Coordinator. She was also an Assistant Editor for South Loop Review and Hotel Amerika. Maggie has also been published in Cartridge Lit., 3Elements Review, The Collapsar, and forthcoming in Canyon Voices. She has a habit of living in the colors of her writing.